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H-E-B Buddy League Visits with Grades K-2

We wanted to give a very special THANK YOU to the H-E-B Buddy League for visiting Grades K-2 on Tuesday, and also to Mrs. Houck & our Specials teachers for organizing the event! Scroll to check out some photos and videos from the event!
H-E-B Buddy League members, Mrs. Houck, and Specials Teachers photoed
Mrs. Houck and our Specials teachers - Librarian Mrs. Erb, P.E. Teacher Ms. "Coach" Rodriguez, Art Teacher Mrs. Hutchinson, and Music Teacher Mrs. Lee surrounded by our friends from the H-E-B Buddy League!
"Abuela Anchia" and H-E-B Buddy League photographed
"Abuela Anchia" and our friend from the H-E-B Buddy League.
Just some Ranger Risk-Takers doing what they do best during the H-E-B Buddy League visit.
We all absolutely LOVED every moment of it. Thanks again, H-E-B!
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