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I am a 2nd year teacher from Fresno, California. I taught 5th grade last year at a school called Vang Pao. I am very excited to be here in Manor ISD this year! My background is monolingual English but I learned French and Spanish later in life. I learned Spanish when I lived in Guadalajara, México. I lived there for one year and later have gone back to visit frequently to keep my connections alive in México. I also travel through different parts of Mexico on these journeys as my passion is travel and the outdoors. I am especially interested in the ancient cultures of Mesoamerica.
I student Cultural Anthropology at the California State University Fresno and have a B.A. in that subject. I later went back and got my teaching credential with an emphasis on English Language Learners. I was able to put this into practice during my first year as a teacher at Vang Pao Elementary as the school is largely Hispanic and Hmong.
I am interested in literature from all over the world, as well as history and social sciences. I have also studied Mandarin Chinese, and try to continue broadening my knowledge of that culture all the time. I am very happy to bring my love and enthusiasm to the classroom here at Bluebonnet and to share that with young learners! Feel free to contact me at any time.